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Zouk Slang Dictionary

There are so many weird things specific to Zouk community: sometimes you just need the word for it.

Most of these words are actually used in the Finnish Zouk community. A few were made up by contributors when I originally posted this dictionary to Facebook. Feel free to suggest your own in the comments!

Body roll friend: A person you dance Zouk with.

Dance object: An in-demand, much sought-after couple dancer, typically male. Analogous to “sex object”, the term is often used by the man in question, lamenting that women see him only as someone to dance with.

Drag king: Leader who drags and pushes the follower into uncomfortable positions.

Kizombie: In a mixed dance floor, used to refer to Kizomba dancers, contrasting their small movement with the sailing around the floor often done by Zouk dancers. Not derogatory.

Lateral crisis: As a result of new insight, possibly from seeing video of themselves or taking a private lesson, a dancer concludes that their lateral sucks and needs to be fixed. After improving their lateral, there is a period of peace, until the next lateral crisis hits. The crisis can also be constant: the dancer is perpetually unsatisfied with their lateral. Basic step crisis is another popular variant.

Muggle: A person who doesn’t dance, and therefore doesn’t understand the world of Zouk. Example usage: “Muggles just can’t understand how you can watch your girlfriend enthusiastically body roll someone else and only comment negatively on the lack of hip isolation.”

Perverted bonus: Perverted bonus happens when the follower starts inverted bonus, but in the end skips one step and turns to their left. This can happen because of the leader or follower, and comes from many zoukers being very, very, used to follower always turning to her left.
( In normal bonus or boomerang, the follower starts stepping with their left foot, takes six steps, and finishes with left leg free, after which she turns to her left. In inverted bonus, the follower starts with their right, does six steps, and finishes with their right leg free, after which she turns to her right. )

Suicide girl: A follower who throws herself into a cambré. Dangerous to herself and her partner.

Stable: When you recruit a person into Zouk, that person is said to be in your stable.

Styling monster: A follower who concentrates almost purely on her own styling at the expense of following.

Warm-up guy: A trusted guy who has the honor and responsibility of warming a girl up mentally and physically with dances at the beginning of the party, after which she is ready to dance with others. Warm-up girls also exist.

Washing machine: a leader who excessively uses body work/body rolls/head movements out of sync, out of rhythm and against the music. The worst sort is a Tumble Drier.

Whale song: A term for a certain type of song, with emphasis on melancholy melody and typically lacking beat / percussions.

Zouk bum: One who prioritizes Zouk over career and professional success. Tends to spend all their money on progressive lessons & private lessons, festivals, congresses, workshops, etc. They tend to be self-employed, as this allows for max flexibility when traveling to Zouk congresses/festivals.

Zouk geek / nerd: A person who is driven to learn every possible detail about dancing Zouk.

Zouk syndrome: A disease caused by Zouk dancing. The person so afflicted will practice various body movements, such as body rolls, reverse body rolls and chest isolations when waiting for a bus, in a tram, and in other places where healthy people just stand still.

Zouk-up artist: A person who successfully recruits people into Zouk by dating them. Can also refer to a person who uses a pick-up type of approach to recruiting new people without dating them.

Author of this article: Jukka Välimaa

Contributions to the dictionary, and in some case original inventions of words: Kirsi VanSol, Kristina Tsvetkova, Lynoure Braakman, Jason BP Wright, Anthony Lee, Markus Sankari, Sonja Ignatius and Antti Huovilainen.

8 comments on “Zouk Slang Dictionary

  1. Darya Konstantinova
    October 9, 2019

    Zouk dinosaur – a person who has been dancing zouk since times immemorial.

    Zouk animal/wilding – a person who always does crazy stuff on the dancefloor, who can surprise and entertain people around. Can wear exotic outfits, have wild behavior and manners, use specific movements and tricks while dancing but never offend people by his actions.


  2. theresourcefulvegan
    November 14, 2015

    Zoukiversary…..your anniversary of when you discovered zouk ….mine was july 12th 2014 :’)


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  4. remy vermunt
    November 3, 2014

    when picking a holiday location, first thing i check is, if there is zouk

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rich Bray
    May 21, 2014

    Swouk – The dance that is located at the place where Zouk and West Coast Swing intersect for expression.


  6. Freddy Marinho
    May 20, 2014

    Funny titles!!! 🙂
    I believe everyone suffers the Zouk Syndrome after getting started in it!
    We all look like a bunch of crazy people among the “normal” ones! 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dani
      August 29, 2020

      “post congress depression” this is how you feel back home and there is nobody to zouk with…

      Styling monster= lady drama (used by Super Mario in Salsa)


  7. Haha, funny stuff 🙂

    I now have some extra time off to finally get into zouk so maybe I’ll become a ‘zouk bum’, will see…and yep, I am freelance..

    Liked by 2 people

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